The problem with proms

Our last post responded to the frequently asked question of when is best to book a car for your wedding. Another question we are often asked is if we hire cars for proms. The short answer is unfortunately ‘no’, but read on for our longer answer, plus a few tips if you are looking for transport for a prom.


Sorry, but we only focus on weddings and are unable to offer cars for proms or special occasions.


There are three reasons.

The first reason is that since 2009, to offer car hire for proms we’d need a different license. We’d need to be registered with the local council and be licensed in a similar way to taxis. We are insured for weddings, but would also need additional insurance for proms and special events.

All of this would be at our expense, and in all likelihood the cost would be passed onto all customers as we’d need the license, insurance and additional vehicle and driver checks regardless of whether we get any business through proms or not.

The second reason is that we focus on weddings, and feel that if we started hiring for other events, our expertise becomes spread too thinly. We don’t want to be a jack of all trades, master of none.

The final reason is that we’re a little precious about our cars! The difference between a bridal party and excitable teenagers is difficult to overstate, and we’d hate to see our original upholstery damaged by someone who might not appreciate the importance of our cars.


Make sure you check that any company you enquire with that they have an appropriate operator’s license and ‘hire and reward’ insurance.

Although the law is clear, a lot of companies will still chance doing prom hire despite not being legally entitled to; around half, according to Promaholics. The police will often stop check limos at proms, and these companies will have their cars impounded at the roadside if they are not toeing the line of the law.

It is easy to check that a company is trustworthy via the National Limousine and Chauffeur Association website.