Introducing our 1963 stretched Mini!

Earlier this month, we announced the newest addition to the Paladins Classic Car Hire family; a 1963 stretched Mini. This is such a unique car, and we’re really excited to be able to show it off to you.


The Mini is absolutely stunning, and we’ve been eyeing it up for months now. When it finally became available to us we snapped it up as it was too good a car to pass up.

When we say this car is spectacular, we mean it. It’s 17ft long, seats five passengers (four in the back) and has more legroom than a hang glider. The seats in the back are laid out similar to a black cab whereby the two pairs of seats face each other, so even with your legs fully stretched out, you won’t be even close to touching the seats opposite.

The Mini is also unique. We don’t know of anything else even remotely similar in the area. We really hope it will capture everybody’s imagination just as it has ours; whether you’re a Mini driver yourself, have had them in the family, or are just looking for something completely different, our Mini’s got your back.

In terms of the details, the car is immaculate in Old English White with a dark navy blue vinyl roof. The inside matches the outside and is a sumptuous cream with navy blue accents, and a navy blue carpet. The chrome front grille is the MG version, and yes, it has a larger-than-normal engine to compensate for the extra weight that the length gives it! As a classic car with British pedigree, it fits perfectly into our fleet which also includes a Bentley, Rolls Royce and a pair of Morris Minors.

Our 1963 Mini limousine is available for 2015 weddings for the introductory price of around £250, a saving of £50 on the normal price of £300. The price includes champagne, ribbons, a suitably scenic route and no unreasonable time limits. Please visit our website to see more details on our service and our cars.