Guide to Legroom

We are often asked how roomy our wedding cars are, particularly by brides concerned that their dress simply won’t fit into the back comfortably.

We always answer honestly, which is to say our Bentley and Rolls Royce are both incredibly roomy, our stretched Mini has miles of legroom, our Jaguars are extremely comfortable, and our Morris Minors are the smallest cars in our collection.

If you are ever in doubt, please feel free to try before you buy and view our cars prior to booking. We won’t be pushy and won’t pressure you into booking on the day.


“My dress had a very long train and a full skirt and there was plenty of room in your lovely Bentley – it was really easy to get in and out of the car too.”

Verity and Stuart
Eastbourne, 9th May 2015, Bentley

Photo: Paul Fletcher Photography




“Your Bentley was immaculate and had plenty of room for my dress (which is more than can be said for the gate into our church!”

Katie and John

Hove, 22nd June 2013, Bentley

Image: Craig Prentis Photography



Our Bentley and Rolls Royce

These are the easiest vehicles in our fleet to get in and out of. The seats in our Bentley and Rolls Royce are quite high, which means that unlike our more modern Jaguar XJ8, you don’t have to get down into them. The floors on both our Bentley and Rolls are also flat, so there’s no need to step over anything either.

Our Mini

Our stretched Mini has miles and miles of legroom. Unlike our Bentley or Rolls Royce, it is lower to the ground and doesn’t have as much headroom meaning you will need to take more care getting in and out of it.


Our Morris Minor Convertible and Traveller

Our Morris Minors are our smallest vehicles; with leg room comparable to a Ford Ka or modern Fiat 500. However, our Open Top Morris Minor has a seat that folds right down making getting in and out relatively easy, while we can remove the front passenger seat all together from our Traveller. They are more than suitable for most brides; we’ve never had problems and would never offer them as wedding cars if we didn’t think they were practical.


The following pictures show legroom in our cars, and some of the dresses brides have worn without issue when hiring our cars. We recommend you come and try our cars before hiring!