Updated 23/09/2020

Like everyone, we have had to adapt to a ‘new normal’ due to coronavirus (COVID-19). It has created a lot of uncertainty and anxiety for many people, least of all those planning their weddings.

Thank you everyone for your support during these unprecedented times. In the last few months we have done our absolute best to help and support every couple who has had to go through the stressful situation of cancelling or rescheduling their wedding. We have refunded or carried over thousands of pounds of deposits so that couples have one less thing to worry about and have been as flexible as we can while our customers try and replan their dream wedding.

What is the latest?

Weddings are allowed to go ahead, however with numbers limited to 15, as per government guidelines. While this is the case, we are happy to offer our service to those of you have rescheduled your weddings with additional measures to help stop the spread of covid and to keep everybody safe.

We are however no longer taking bookings for our cars for the foreseeable future. This is partly due to the economics of the ongoing pandemic, but also to allow us to redouble our efforts in supporting those already booked with us.

Are you still able to provide your service for our wedding?

If you are already booked, then yes, we will do everything we can to provide our normal service with adjustments made for covid security.

With so much uncertainty, though there are factors that could stop our ability to provide our service which include the possibility of self-isolation, quarantine or illness of our drivers despite the measures we have in place to mitigate this. We will do everything we can to reduce the impact this would have, including looking for alternative cars or drivers and making recommendations to help.

What factors are being considered in deciding whether to continue driving during the outbreak?

First and foremost we will be following government restrictions. This could include enforced quarantines or the banning of public gatherings. Beyond this, we must also consider the health and wellbeing of guests, our drivers and also the wider community.

I wish to change, postpone or cancel my wedding

If you are planning on making changes to your wedding (whether timings or venues), or are considering postponing or cancelling, then we will be happy to work with you to try and minimise the stress this will cause.

We are doing our best to refund deposits, but please bear in mind these might not be immediately.

What measures are you taking for the safety and wellbeing of customers?

We are taking the precaution of ensuring there are at least two drivers booked to drive each car. This will be at considerable cost to us, but we will not be passing these costs onto customers. Our cars are cleaned regularly, but we will be taking extra care to clean frequent contact points such as handles and steering wheels out of abundance of caution. We will also provide sanitiser and handwipes.

What are you doing with regards to current customers?

We have emailed all current customers. We’re still trying to reply within a 24 hour period, although our priority is giving clear, accurate, helpful and detailed responses so it might take a little longer than normal.

What happens if drivers become ill, have to self-isolate or quarantine?

As mentioned, we have two drivers booked for each car. If neither are able to drive through illness or isolation, then we have good working relationships with other companies. We will do everything we can to help you find an alternative driver or – in the worst eventuality – another suitable car.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes please. Our drivers will be wearing masks, and we ask that passengers do too. We’re happy to stop en-route if you wish to have some fresh air.

Is there anything customers should do?

The symptoms of coronavirus include a dry cough, fever, loss of taste, fatigue and difficulty breathing. If you have suffered these symptoms, or have been in close contact with someone that has, we ask that you please inform us for the safety and wellbeing of our drivers and customers.

While we will try to ensure anti-bacterial wipes or gel are available in cars, we do recommend you bring your own, and would like to remind you of the importance of regular hand-washing.

How can you help?

Many wedding suppliers are small, local companies. Please help support them. Most of these companies are in the wedding industry because it’s what they love to do, and not because they want to profiteer. These companies have had to refund customers, continue to pay running costs and have invested in adapting to the new normal, just like everyone else.

Here are some wedding suppliers you can continue to support even during lockdown:

Blackstock Farm are offering takeaway food with contactless pickup. The menu is huge and the food is the best we’ve had during lockdown. Their menu includes sunday roasts, burritos, burgers and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.

Pizza Leonati are offering delivery from their wood-fired oven. Normally available for weddings, Leo is now delivering contact-free.

And while foreign travel might not be realistic for a while, remember all the wedding venues in the South East such as Buxted Park Hotel. This might be the perfect opportunity to see what the venue is like while also enjoying a holiday at home. Many hotels will begin reopening from 4th July.

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